Hit-and-Run Victim’s Family Pleads for Driver to Come Forward

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Family members call Jeremy Harris a loving man, passionate about music and his nine children.

“He’s a wonderful, wonderful father, the biggest heart that you can ever imagine.  He will bend over backwards for anybody,” said his wife, Danielle Harris.

Loved ones tell FOX40 this morning the 36-year-old died after more than two days of fighting for his life since being struck by a hit-and-run driver Saturday night.

His wife Danielle is still frustrated and upset.

“He has kids, it doesn’t make sense. This person does not know what they’ve done to our family, what they’ve done, whoever this is,” Harris said.

Sacramento police say Harris’ body was found on Meadowview Road near Shining Star Drive.

“Somebody rolled down the street and you didn’t hit a dog you didn’t hit a cat, you hit a human being, and you knew that, and you just rolled off and didn’t think twice,” said Harris’ brother Amir Coleman.

The family is determined to find the person who was behind the wheel of the car.

“That’s why we’re out here telling his story so that way we can find some kind of justice for this tragedy,” Coleman said.

They know it won’t take away their pain, but it will give them closure.

“Getting him or her or whoever it is that is gonna bring us closure for him. But they don’t know what they took from us.  They absolutely don’t understand.  There’s no words that can ever explain what kind of man he was and what this person has taken from us,” Harris said.

Sacramento police detectives are still searching for suspects and following up on leads.

The suspect vehicle is believed to be an unknown model Toyota.

Anyone with information about this crash is asked to call the Sacramento Police Department.