Husband of Woman Stabbed at Vacaville CVS Speaks Out

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Rene Reynolds is forever indebted to three complete strangers, who police say, took down an armed man.

"I'm just grateful that she's alive and thank them for saving her life, from my heart," he said.

Investigators say a couple of pharmacy employees and a fellow shopper stopped suspect James Barnes, after he allegedly stabbed Reynolds' 52-year-old wife, Sherrie, as she stood in line at the CVS on Elmira Road on Monday.

Barnes was booked into jail on attempted murder charges.

"It's great that that they came to her aid and helped her in time. She said that everybody came to her so fast," Rene said.

He says his wife suffered six stab wounds to her upper back.

She's still in the intensive care unit at the hospital, but she's recovering.

"She's doing much better. She's sitting up and able to eat soft foods right now," he said, realizing the outcome could've been very different.

Aside from the good Samaritans who stepped in to help, police happened to already be in the area at the time of the brutal assault.

"It just happened so fast, that she felt like somebody was punching her," her husband said.

Investigators believe the attack was random.

Rene, a Vacaville High football coach, says he's also thankful for the community support and prayers for his wife, a well-liked local hairdresser and mother, who is actively involved with her kids' sports.

"She's like my rock. My strength," he added.

Rene compared those who helped his wife, to the trio of heroes who took down an armed man on that train from Amsterdam to Paris over the weekend.

"I'm just so grateful ... like I said ... I can't even speak in words to tell them how grateful I am for saving her life," he said.