Popular Placerville Watering Hole Burns

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Dozens of patrons and employees of the Stadium Club, at the far end of Broadway, came by to view the wreckage of the popular bar. It was heavily damaged by a fire that broke out around 2:20 in the morning along with two other business.

Many took pictures of the charred building.

"It's a sad day," said regular customer Keri Kelly.

Kelly said it was like a second home for many customers. She and others likened it to the "Cheers" bar of television sitcom fame.

"The people that were here, we're all friends, we're all family, it was great, it was absolutely great," said 15 year patron Phil Littler.

He and other customers helped remove salvageable items from the bar including the wooden Indian that was a fixture of the bar. Many had a last drink at the bar even though yellow tape was stretched across the scorched doorway. Others had beers rescued from the burned remains.

Fire investigators have not said how the fire started and although the owners say they will try to re-open, the condition of the wooden structure is in doubt.

"The bar has been here forever and now it's gone so it's rough," said employee Renee McCuddy. She and half a dozen other employees are not out of work, at least temoprarily.