Woman Donates Liver to Mother — Account Set Up to Help Cover Expenses

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Raianne Abrams and her 21-year-old daughter Charis are looking forward to a long future together thanks to a very personal gift Charis gave to her mom this summer.

In January, doctors decided Raianne was a candidate for a liver transplant for stage four cirrhosis.

"They noticed it was progressively getting worse," Raianne recalled.

But finding a match can take years.  That's where Charis stepped up.

"I knew I was O negative, which is the universal donor's blood," Charis explained. "So I was like, maybe this is something I can do for her... She took care of me for 21 years."

Charis was a match.  Mother and daughter went into surgery at UCSF Medical Center in mid-July.  For Rainne, it was with mixed emotions.

"Sad because I know that she would have to have a scar on her body," Raianne explained. "And that would be due to me.  And I felt kind of bad for that. But I was also happy that I had twenty-to-forty more years of life."

"I told her, 'don't worry about the scar,'" Charis responded.  "It's something I'll be proud to show off."

"I don't consider myself a hero," said Charis. "I just did it because I love my mom. And I'd rather see her see me progress in life, and get older and get married and have kids and all that stuff. That was the one thing that was on my mind was just having her with me longer."

"She is a hero to me, yes," said Clifford Abrams, the grateful father of Charis and happy husband to Raianne. "To go through that pain and suffering just so her mother can have another chance to live longer."

"It was a miracle," said Raianne who also calls her daughter a hero.  "I didn't ask her.  She stepped up."

Both women are recovering from their surgeries successfully and even ahead of schedule.

"Honestly, I want to thank God for this because there would be no other way that this could've happened," Charis concluded.

There are many expenses related to their surgeries that are not covered by insurance.

For this, a GoFundMe account has been set up, linked here.