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10-Year-Old Dies from Injuries After Alta Arden Car Crash

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A second victim has died after a three-car crash Sunday on Wyda Way near the Alta Arden Expressway.

Angela Osborn, her husband KC, their four children and niece were enjoying the day together when police say 72-year-old Regina Wander drove off the road and hit the minivan the family was driving.

KC died on scene, and his other family members were rushed to area hospitals.

Angela and KC's youngest daughter, Michelle, suffered major brain injuries. Unsuccessful surgeries couldn't bring the 10-year-old back to life, and she was pronounced dead just days after the crash.

"I've lost my husband, the love of my life, and my baby girl. Our whole world is going to be different now, so we're not doing great," Angela Osborn said.

Osborn is a stay-at-home mom, and she relied on her husband's income as she cared for her kids and home schooled them. Now that he is gone, she said she does not know how the family will afford the funeral costs, medical bills and day-to-day expenses.

Her sister Stephanie Stern described her concern.

"I'm really scared for my sister and the other kids and how they're going to handle it," she said.

The family is looking to their community for help. From leads on jobs to financial support, the smallest gesture can make a big difference. A GoFundMe account has been set up for them.

As for Wander, the California Highway Patrol is still completing their investigation.

Wander was released from the hospital, but has not been arrested. If any charges come forward, it will be after the investigation is complete.