Suspected Stockton Cafe Vandals Caught on Camera

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A Stockton cafe owner said her dream of owning a business has turned into a nightmare. Emuna Mohammed, who owns Eden Cafe, claims that vandals have repeatedly broken her windows over the past eight months. The latest crime was captured on surveillance cameras.

In 21 seconds, a man and woman are seen on surveillance footage. They run to the side of Eden Cafe in Stockton, they each pick up a rock and smash.

“They bust this window here. This one here, this one here; it’s been a total of seven windows,” Mohammed, said as she pointed to several of her windows. She has owned the cafe for a year.

“This how much they hate me …  rocks this big … like who does that?” Mohammed asked, as she held up one of the rocks used to break her windows.

The footage was captured by surveillance cameras August 19 around 3 a.m., but she said this is not the first time her windows have been broken.

“It’s been going on for about eight months now,” she said.

Mohammed doesn’t understand why anyone would vandalize her business, what she calls her dream.

“I love people, I love to cook. I love to see people eat my food and I just love … I just love that,” she said.

Customers who work nearby say the ongoing vandalism has caused some concern.

“The first thing pops in your head is, are we next?” customer Randy Shelton told FOX40.

The cafe owner said replacing the windows has set her back $6,000, which is an unexpected cost she can’t afford.

“I put in a lot of money here, and it’s not that easy when you open a business, you can’t just leave,” she said.

Mohammed hopes the vandals will stop, or get caught.

In the meantime, she’ll continue to do what she loves, even though she feels it's on borrowed time.

“Thinking of closing down because I can’t afford to keep paying for windows,” she told us.

If you recognize the couple in the video or have any information about this case, please contact the Stockton Police Department. The owner of the cafe said she believes the pair drove off in a black Honda Civic.