Carmichael Girl Scouts Troop Honoring Hometown Heroes

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A simple thank you can mean a lot, especially when the words are carefully written by a seven year old.

"Thank you for being so brave on that train and saving all those people," said Stella Finnestead.

A Girl Scout troop from Carmichael understands the bravery of Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler. The young men helped take down a gunman on a train in France.

"They were stopping that guy so were making cards for them," said Adena Anato.

The world now knows the Carmichael natives as heroes.  When all three of them come home to Sacramento there will be a parade, plus these hand written notes from the girl scouts.

"Well we're going to put them in this bag when were done with all the letters," said girl scout Ella Cooper.

Troupe leader Jessica Finnestead says anyone else can join in too.

"It started with the troupe but we definitely want to extend it out to friends and family.  So were gonna fill our little operation gratitude bag thats in our little office at Del Dayo elementary," said Finnestead.

The troop is planning to collect hundreds of letters in the next two weeks and then, hopefully, hand-deliver them to the hometown heroes.