CHP Officer Reflects on 10 Years Since Katrina

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Ten years ago this month, then-CHP Special Response Team Captain Scott Silsbee saw the devastation of Hurricane Katrina first-hand.

"It was just endless devastation and water," Silsbee said.

Silsbee spent two weeks in Louisiana.

"I feel like it was yesterday, because I can see it so clearly," Silsbee told FOX40.

Silsbee and 115 other troopers parachuted in to what some consider one of the most painful parts of America's history - one that saw law enforcement firing on unarmed citizens on the Danzinger Bridge, the people making their home there, some dying there due to lack of food and water after running from high water.

"I remember at least two gentlemen who couldn't swim attached themselves to a sign on a main road, and weren't recovered for days because, when the water receded, that's when we found them," Silsbee said. "That sticks with me, big time."