Demonstrators Take to the State Capitol to Protest Gun Control

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Dozens with the Sacramento Valley chapter of the Brady Campaign took to the streets around the state capitol asking state and federal lawmakers to act on universal background checks for those looking to buy guns.

"After a lot of these tragedies, you always hear now is not the time to talk about legislation, or now is not the time to talk about politics. But we always ask when is the correct time? And to really put pressure on our elected officials to do something. And to come up with some sensible solutions to stop the violence," said Rebecca Gonzales, a volunteer with the Brady Campaign.

That organization is supporting legislation they believe could be part of the solution.

"Congresswoman Jackie Spears has a bill, HR 3411 that would create a universal background check. We've been more successful in California, but unless we have universal background checks in every state, they're not very effective," Gonzales said.