Diocese of Sacramento Giving Tickets to See Pope Francis in D.C.

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The countdown is on! American Catholics are excited to welcome Pope Francis to their country.

His holiness has accepted an invitation to address Congress on September 14th.
25,000 people will be able to see him in person only if they apply and win a ticket.
1,700 tickets were given to California Bishops. Of that, the Diocese of Sacramento has 100. 40 of those will go to local schools with ties to the Franciscans.

Sara Ramirez Giroux is one of the 100 lucky ticket winners from Sacramento.

"I love this Pope," Grioux said. "He has done so much to bring the people back to the catholic church. To be able to speak before the joint congress... if ever we needed the Pope to pray for them, I think it's this time!"

The Pope is also scheduled to address the public and canonize a long-time Californian.

"While he is here, he has announced that he intends to canonize to officially declare Father Junipero Serra, recognize him as a Saint in the Church," Pastor Ken Laverone of St. Francis Assisi Church said. He is also the Vice Posulator of the Cause of the Canonization of Father Junipero Serra.

To review out fourth grade California history, Junipero Serra was the Spanish Franciscan famous for establishing the missions in what is now considered California.

The Diocese of Sacramento is still accepting applications. Congressman Jeff Denham's office has also just announced 50 lucky people from California's 10th District will also be selected to go.

Winners of the Golden Ticket know travel and lodging are not included but they say it is still worth it.

"I was very excited I felt honored. I felt blessed," Giroux said. "I hope that there is a receiving line. I would love to have his hands touch me and bless me!"

"The fact that they will be in the presence of Pope Francis which is a very important thing for many many people," Pastor Laverone said. "They'll be able to see him relatively up close and the fact that part of this liturgy is going to be the canonization of the evangelizer of the Californians of California, and these are California people, is great."

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