Proposal Requiring Permits for Portable Basketball Hoops Shut Down by Davis City Council

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Kids can continue being kids in Davis without the government's involvement, after the City Council unanimously voted to shut down the idea presented by the Davis Police Department and homeowners to require permits for portable basketball hoops.

Mayor Dan Wolk said the system proposed was aggressive and the issues about the hoops stemmed from a dispute among neighbors. Complaints about the equipment being in the way and playings making noise at night aren't things the city can control, "We as a council, as a government can legislate a lot of things, but we can't legislate good neighborliness."

Residents around Imperial Avenue, where a petition was launched months ago after these complaint came to light, said they are happy with the Mayor's decision.

"It's nice to know the mayor supports neighborhoods being neighborhoods," said resident Jennie Niles.

Neighbor Bill Liebhardt said kicks should enjoy playing basketball at their homes, but permits may clear up confusion, "People would know that they could put these out and they're doing in a way the city approves and is legal."

Assistant Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel had no reaction to the vote and is hoping neighbors can work out issues on their own, "Instead of calling police first walk over and take care of it.  Really try to work it out before involving the police."