High School Game Called at Halftime for Safety Precaution, Cause Unknown

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Maybe it was the nearly full moon. Maybe it was the lop-sided score. Whatever it was, it sent everybody running, faster than a halfback, right out of the Stagg High School football stadium.

Rumors of gunshots, and or a gunman, had spread through the crowd, but police would later say they saw no evidence of a weapon being present or let alone fired.

Still, because of this chaos, the game between Lincoln and Stagg was canceled at halftime by Stockton Unified School District Police, as a safety precaution.

The score at that point: Lincoln, 29, Stagg, 0.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the mass hysteria. The football players sheltered in a safe place, while police searched for any reason they could find to explain what happened.

Officers say there may have been some kind of trouble — someone chasing people with a stick — but so far no evidence confirms that either.

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