Salida Lumberyard Burns Down, Causing $2 Million in Damage

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A lumber yard in Salida is out over $2 million after a fire ripped through its supply yard Saturday morning. Smoke from the incident could be seen from miles away.

"All of a sudden it got dark, and we're like okay something just covered the sun," said Anna Fazio, who lives behind the BMC lumber yard in Salida. "The flames were like 30 feet high."

The Salida Fire Department said an employee at the lumber yard heard popping from a nearby air-compressor, which was inside a wooden building.

"When he went to the air compressor the area in which it was located in the building, he witnessed fire running up the walls," said Dale Skiles, Chief of the Salida Fire Department.

Wood pellets surrounded that building making it easy for the fire to spread quickly.

"It burned off the end of the building, it was just a tunnel with the wind blowing through," Skiles told FOX40.

"We were worried about these houses right here, and then we're like okay we're pretty close, it was something I've never seen in my entire life," Fazio said.

But among those who saw the smoke was an Alameda County strike team of 5 engines and 20 firefighters heading to the Rough Fire down south in Fresno County. They immediate radioed in offering help.

"Without them we wouldn't have been as successful in holding it at the fire wall such as we did," Skiles said.

Skiles said there were no injuries from this fire.

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