Massive Pest Control Tent on Stockton Building

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Clark Pest Control technicians placed a tent around the entire five-story Franco Center senior housing apartment building in downtown Stockton on Tuesday.

Fumigation under a tent, the highest level of pest control available, was chosen by the building's new owners to eradicate a pest problem that bugged residents for years. Renters had complained about bed bugs and cockroaches.

With 1.6 million cubic feet of air space inside the tarp, the project is the largest of its kind that Clark has done in Stockton, according to service manager, Larry Bragg.  The company has completed similar large-scale fumigation projects in other communities.

Residents of the 112 units were given food vouchers and lodging at a local hotel during the duration of the project.

The tent is scheduled to come down Friday after the sulfuryl fluoride insecticide gas has fully dissipated, Bragg said.

Clark will follow-up at the Franco Center with regular pest control visits.