Postmates Comes To Sacramento, Some Restaurants Skeptical

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Who doesn't love going to a barbecue in the park?

But putting one together can be a lot of work.

"Oh yes..yes," said Yop Detvongmrsay as he worked a grill at Sacramento's McKinley Park Monday surrounded by friends and family.

FOX40 asked Detvongmrsay what he would think of a service that could bring barbecue to him in the park while he put his feet up; he smiled.

"That would be great," he chuckled.

That kind of great just got delivered to parts of Sacramento now that the Postmates third-party delivery service has moved to town.

Some restaurant owners aren't so thrilled about it all after finding themselves - and their menus - on the Postmates website and smartphone app.

"We've had the opportunity to do delivery for a long time. We've opted not to because we just feel the food after.. say...a half hour..just isn't as good as when it's hot," said Ryan Donahue from Mother restaurant.

Another concern?

That they remain on the site even when they've asked to opt out.

"So now we refuse service to them," said Donahue.

Through Postmates you can find food or even the toothpaste that you just have to have.

The goal is for drivers to pick it up and deliver it to you in under an hour and the distance-based delivery fee starts at $5.

So ... back to that dreamy idea of having your picnic delivered to the park - in this case McKinley Park.

My photographer Josef Platz and I placed an order for dolmades from Petra Greek.

Wilfred Morillo arrived with our food in about 35 minutes.

He was in a hurry to handle other orders, but the full-time author - part-time Postmate did stop long enough to tell us why he wanted to work for the company.

"I write when I want to. I post on social media and then in my free time I drop stuff's pretty easy," said Morillo.

Our order looked and smelled great and as for the folks at Petra who were also surprised to find themselves on the Postmates site...

"When Postmates came about we're like that's great. People pick up your order and take it to your customers like an Uber kind a deal with food," said Michael Raptakis from Petra Greek.

The new service has already delivered them 25 new customers in a given day.

And as for our review of the delivered food: "A toast....they were gooooood. They are really good."