Uber Can Now Operate at Sacramento International Airport

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There's a new way to get in and out of Sacramento International Airport: Uber.

"People in Sacramento use it to get all around the city, we're excited to extend that range to Sacramento International Airport," said Jay Gierak, general manager of Uber Sacramento.

The ride-sharing company can now pick up and drop off passengers at the terminals.

Regulated rides started at 1 p.m. Tuesday.  Minutes later, Sonia Garcia became the first to officially hail an Uber from the airport.

"It's cheaper, it's safe, it's very comfortable," Garcia said.

The demand from riders is what helped make this happen.

"Our customers have asked us, and asked us, and asked us to bring Uber to the airport, and I'm very happy to announce that this is now a reality," said Spokesperson for Sacramento County Department of Airports Laurie Slothower.

Taking an Uber from downtown Sacramento to the airport will cost about $16.  That compares to roughly $45 in a taxi.

The owner of Dave's Taxi in Sacramento tells FOX40 business has taken a severe hit because of ride-sharing.

"Its not a level playing field. We cannot compete," said Nirup Dave, owner of Dave's Taxi.

Dave says there's nothing the taxi industry can do.

"We are over-regulated, we have to pay a lot of fees -- a lot of taxes," Dave said.

Now that Uber is allowed at the airport, taxi companies await an uncertain fate as Uber drivers expect a rush of requests.

"Oh it's gonne be very busy," said Uber driver Thomas Rhymes.