Barge to Keep Drinking Water from Folsom Lake Flowing

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The Bureau of Reclamation is spending about $3.5 million to build a barge in order to keep the drinking water supply flowing from Folsom Lake.

Currently, the drought-ravaged reservoir has 190,000 acre-feet of water – just 20 percent of normal. If the water drops below 120,000 acre-feet, the pipe used to pull drinking water would run dry.

“It means we would no longer be able to revert water out of the reservoir for the City of Folsom and there would be no water for folks to drink,” Bureau of Reclamation spokesperson Shawn Hunt said.

The barge planned will include 10 floating platforms with pumps. If the water level drops, the agency can still provide 19 million gallons of water to residents daily.

In the meantime, the Bureau of Reclamation is hoping for a rainy October.