Drivers Complain Light Rail Blue Line Slowing Traffic in South Sacramento

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Lately, the Meadowview light rail station in South Sacramento has been busy with many more crossings since the Blue Line opened less than two weeks ago.

"Its been a lot more convenient," said light rail rider Phil Thao.

The convenience for riders comes at the expense of drivers who are stuck even longer behind the crossing arm.

"Its frustrating," said Ruth Irons.

FOX40 timed how long drivers are waiting while the gates are down.  It ranged from a minute and a half to almost four and a half minutes.

People on the road guess it's even longer.

"We wait like 10, 20 minutes," said Blanca Aguilera.

Another person said it was more like three or four minutes.  A third group said closer to eight minutes.

Regional Transit is aware the gates are slower than usual.  Spokesperson Alane Masui tells FOX40 an upgrade is coming soon.

"The time that the crossing arms are down is approximately three minutes.  When we implement the programming change in abut 60 days it will reduce the time to about two minutes," said Masui.

Masui adds that Meadowview is a busy station, with Light Rail in both directions and a Union Pacific line.  That means the safety gates are going up and down more than 130 times a day.

As RT works to speed them up over the next two months, drivers will have to keep waiting or find another route.​