Photo of Lynching Used to Promote UC Davis Radio Show

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At KDVS, the student run radio station at UC Davis, the images, music and words flow freely.

But, a historical photograph of 11 African Americans hanging from a tree, posted to the KDVS website, has some students asking questions.

"Why would you post a picture of dead bodies?" freshman Gabi Sentellano said.

DJ Joaquin Chavez posted the photo, he says, to promote his heavy metal radio show, "Unspeakable Cults."

"I never meant to offend anyone, "Chavez told FOX40 Thursday, adding that he has since taken the image off of his Facebook page.

"The theme of the show I was promoting was that violence against blacks has been minimized in history, and it's still ongoing."

Chavez adds that the photo was an attempt to bring discussion and attention to recent alleged police brutality. His show airs Tuesdays from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Chavez's post puts UC Davis back in the spotlight after the women's lacrosse team was photographed in May, dressing up as "stereotypical Chicanos," and in January, a swastika was painted on a Jewish fraternity.

But General Manager of KDVS and UC Davis senior Ashley Hanson says this situation is different.

"I would not have chosen the photo myself, but, we do not censor people's political views here at the radio station." Hanson said Thursday, adding that Chavez
took the photo down himself.

Chavez also posted another photo of hundreds of bodies lying in a Holocaust grave. Pending a website administrator, the second image is scheduled to be taken down.

UC Davis spokesperson Andy Fell told FOX40 Thursday, "We do not censor the student media ... we might not agree on what is posted ... but all we can do is suggest [to them] what we think would be appropriate,"Fell said.  "In this case, KDVS had already taken it down once we became aware of it."