Roseville City Council Passes Social Host Ordinance

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The Roseville City Council took the steps Wednesday evening to educate teens and parents on the problem of underage drinking by passing a new ordinance.

Over the weekend, police made an arrest of a teenager who is accused of showing up to a house party where underage drinking was alleged to have taken place, and robbing several of the party-goers.

"A lot of these parties, you put it on social media and before you know it you have 60 people at your home," said Sgt. Jason Bosworth with Roseville Police.

Such was the case last weekend when police arrested 19-year-old Brent Mason who was booked into the Placer County Jail on suspicion of robbery, conspiracy and brandishing a firearm.

According to police, Mason and a group of his friends crashed a house party, started a fight, then Mason pulled out a gun and robbed several of the people at the party.

"A lot of people who came weren't invited by the host," said Kathryn Sobczak with the Placer Youth Commission. "Things got out of hand and the host had to go to the hospital and it spun out of control."

Sobczak and her colleagues used the public forum at the City Council meeting Wednesday to deliver their message about underage drinking, and to show their support for what is known as the 'social host' ordinance.

"An ordinance like this gives us some outreach," explained Sgt. Bosworth. "It gives us the ability to have parents talk to their kids.

According to the latest research, about half of teenagers between grades nine and 11 never talk to their parents about drug or alcohol use.

The way the ordinance works in Roseville is, first time offenders are fined $500, the second time its $750, and the third time its $1,000.