STEM-Inspired Toys Help Push Young Go Getter Girls to Study Math and Science

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There continues to be a big push for young women to really break the gender barriers of science and math.

But for years – many of the toys and apps young girls were playing with did nothing to encourage an early love of science or math.

But now toy makers are taking notice.

Check out this levitation wand – it’s part of the science of magic kit – through Cooper and Kid – that provides a box full of stem-based activities to get kids – particularly girls – excited.

Joining us with more tips on how to get girls stem-motivated is industrial engineer and professional speaker Shinjini Das.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, girls lose interest in math and science during middle school and interest in stem (science/technology/engineering & math) is low compared to boys.

And a national report shows that 20% of young women intend to major in a stem field compared to 50% of young men. There are lots of initiatives and programs that are working to close this gap and get girls interested at an early age.

So what can parents do to encourage engagement? Industrial engineer, professional speaker & Huffington post contributor Shinjini Das will discuss how to encourage girls to be go-getters in this field.

She will discuss the following things parents can do:

  • Share examples of strong, powerful, and popular female stem game-changers who solve large scale problems which change the world
  • Participate in diverse science experiments and technology based programs (e.g. goldiblox, to personalize stem for young girls
  • Emphasize the opportunity to positively impact millions of people around the world through involvement in stem related careers