Triple-Digit Temps Forecast for Hometown Heroes Parade

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Three of Sacramento County's finest have been in the white hot spotlight of international adoration since stopping a terrorist attack aboard a French train.

Come Friday, as Sacramento streets become a parade route of honor for Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos, the intensity of that media spotlight will only be outshone -- by the sun.

Temperatures could reach 108 degrees.

"Nooooo," was the answer FOX40 got from capitol intern Lilly Quynn when she was asked if she'd heard about plans for the parade.

Another quick "no" came from Sacramento's Ravi Kelley.

While many didn't seem to know about the big plans for the three heroes, what Mother Nature has in mind for the week was top of mind.

Michigan native Brianna Luhellier said she had definitely heard that Friday could be the hottest September day on record for the area.

"We were looking at the weather today, and we just couldn't believe it," Quynn said.

Quynn's from Seattle, so Monday's 99 degree high was already too much.

Proper hydration is the concern the Sacramento Fire Department has with tens of thousands expected to line city streets in extreme conditions.

If you don't start your water workout early enough, like the night before, you could face the mild confusion and intense sweating of heat exhaustion.

"So when you move into heat stroke from heat exhaustion, now you've reached the point where you may not be perspiring any more, confusion is increased, skin is bright red, motor function is decreased," said Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.

Just in case someone does get sick in the crowd, firefighters are ready.

"We'll have at least an engine and an ambulance and maybe a truck, as well. Sometimes we'll have additional medics on what we call gators, which is just like a little golf cart. It has a little bit more maneuverability ... you can get into crowds," said Harvey.

Would Quynn risk those conditions to be part of the parade?

"I would not. I'll be in the air conditioning, she said.

Luhellier felt differently.

"I would. They did something really courageous, and it's worth celebrating ... people coming out to support them," she said.

As for Kelley?

"If everybody is supporting that, I will be there too," he said.

And Sac City Fire wants to bring the heat to the parade and its honored guests in a different way.

"We're also gonna hand them three job applications at the end because we want them to come work for the fire department," said Harvey.

FOX40 will carry that Hometown Heroes Parade live on Friday. It starts at noon.

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