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Man Accused of Attempted Rape, Robbery to be Released

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Almost seven years ago, a clerk at the Suisun City 7-Eleven was attacked by a man she said tried to rob and rape her.

Police arrested Keenan Reed, who pleaded no contest by reason of insanity. He was eventually committed to Napa State Hospital.

"He has served the maximum sentence of six years, eight months for which he had plead no contest  to. And he's entitled to a release," said Solano County Superior Court Judge Rob Bowers, who signed off on Reed's release.

On Wednesday, Reed appeared in Bower's courtroom.

"As judges, we have to follow the law," Bowers explained.

Back in May, the hospital, through the DA, requested to extend Reed's stay for two more years.

At that time, his attending psychiatrist said that Reed posed a danger.

But during Wednesday's hearing, that same doctor said that Reed was no longer dangerous and Reed promised to take his daily dose of Lithium.

"And as result of that opinion, the District Attorney dismissed the petition to extend Mr. Reed's hospitalization," the judge said, which canceled any possibility of the case going in front of a jury.

"The citizens would have decided whether Mr. Reed would be a free man, or whether he would have been extended for two years at the state hospital. By the DA dismissing the petition, they took that decision-making process from the community," Bowers said.

According to Judge Bowers, Reed should be placed in a conditional release program, so he could be monitored.

But that program wouldn't accept Reed.

"I am of the opinion that that is the better way to both treat these people with mental illnesses and to protect our community," Bowers added.

Reed is scheduled for release on Friday.