Sac City College Stabbing Victim Arrested for Role in On-Campus Shooting

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Sacramento City College held a town hall meeting Thursday evening to address lingering student concerns following last week's fatal shooting on campus.

​"It’s not indicative to City College, our whole culture seems to be violence ridden," student Colleen Whalen said. ​

"The student was a mentor to some of his classmates and was actually bringing some students to campus," said student services Vice President Michael Poindexter.

​"At the end of the day, he was here to make his life better," said student Tanedda Dupree.

Dupree was referring to the shooting victim, 25-year-old student Roman Gonzalez, who died after being shot in a campus parking lot.

​Police say the shooting started as a fight between four men and ended in 2 injuries and one death. They believe the person who fatally shot Gonzalez is still at large.

But another one of the men implicated in this incident spoke to FOX40 Thursday night from behind bars at the Sacramento County jail. ​

​"They're trying to link me to that homicide but I don't think they supposedly they got video of it. Supposedly they seen me walking away," Charlie Hola said.

Hola is facing charges of robbery and being a felon in possession of a firearm, stemming from the altercation at Sac City College. He told FOX40 he was just on campus to enroll in classes last Thursday, but says he was shot twice as a bystander.

He claims cops are accusing him of dropping a gun on campus sometime after the shooting. Hola denies owning a gun, taking any part in the shooting, knowing the still at-large suspect, and also denies being a felon.

​"This is my first time being locked up," Hola said.

A simple record search showed Hola faced five felonies in 2014. Four of the charges were dropped, but he pleaded no contest to one count of carrying a loaded firearm in public or a vehicle. He was placed on parole for five years.

​Hola said he was in the process of obtaining a lawyer. ​