Baby Mountain Lion Recovering After Being Rescued from Butte Fire

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After the Butte Fire destroyed hundreds of homes in Amador and Calaveras counties, volunteers like Bobbie Carne went in searching for pets left behind.

"I was curious and decided to get out of the truck and go follow him and take pictures, see what it was," Carne said.

Her curiosity led her to a baby mountain lion.

She found him emaciated and weak, with burns on his paws and whiskers.

Carne says she couldn't leave without helping him.

"It doesn't matter what animal is hurting, but it's worse when it's a baby and my thought was, that little guy was gonna die," Carne said.

The mountain lion was taken to an animal hospital in Turlock.

Monday, he arrived at the Department of Fish and Wildlife Investigation Lab in Rancho Cordova.

He's being treated for his burns as he regains strength.

"We're gonna keep it here and provide continued care for it over the next few days to a couple weeks," said mountain lion Biologist Marc Keyton.

Keyton says this mountain lion has been through a lot and will not be set free.

"We cannot place it into the wild we will place it in a permanent facility for educational purposes," said Keyton.

The animal is estimated to be about four months old.

He's expected to recover from his injuries.