Evacuation Orders Lifted in Some Butte Fire Areas

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Many Butte fire evacuees were able to go back home Tuesday after Cal Fire lifted all mandatory and precautionary evacuations in Amador County.

"It's been rough on all of us," Rom Queneville said.

Queneville has been evacuated from his Calavares County home since last week, along with the majority of other people affected by the Butte fire who are still waiting for Cal Fire to allow them back home.

"Hopefully in a day or two we'll be able to go back home. That's what I'm looking forward to," Quenneville said.

It was a bittersweet day for people lucky enough to return to their homes, who had to say goodbye to those people who've helped them feel at home while camping out.

The local Raley's supermarket on Highway 49 in Jackson became an unofficial safe ground for evacuees. Store employees created and donated displacement kits for those forced out of their homes.

"They're helping anyone evacuated. Super sympathetic to all those evacuated, making sure they are okay, if they still had their homes and if they didn't, asking if they needed anything. It's just really amazing," Emily Adams said.

"Having a common enemy unite us has brought out a lot of support and its been very, very, very nice to see," Branden Coleman said.

Coleman has been working behind the deli counter at Raley's since the Butte fire started, even though he was also evacuated.

"If someone's having a bad day, you're nice to them, it could go a long way, help turn things around," Coleman said.