Two People Confirmed Dead in Butte Fire

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A second body has been found in the Mountain Ranch area due to the Butte Fire.

It's the third body found this week in two different Northern California fires.

Calaveras County coroner Kevin Raggio says two bodies were found Tuesday inside their homes.

Raggio says the first reported death is 66-year-old Mark McCloud who refused to heed a mandatory evacuation order at a home on Baker Riley Way in the Mokelumne Hill area. He was reportedly found near a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The second death was reported Wednesday at the M24 Ranch subdivision in Mountain Ranch. The person has only been identified as an elderly male. He did not evacuate his home.

Earlier this week, an elderly disabled woman was found dead in the ruins of her Lake County home, about 100 miles north of San Francisco.

Dogs were being used Wednesday to search for a former police reporter and several other people who authorities fear also were killed in that fire.