Mother of DUI Crash Victim in French Camp Speaks Out

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Patti DeAngelis was overcome with grief, as she wiped a tear away and shared pictures of her 16-year-old daughter Rose Bio.

“She was a beautiful daughter,” DeAngelis, a Lathrop resident, said.

She’s said she's overwhelmed with the fact that Rose will never come home again.

“This is just a senseless, senseless loss,” DeAngelis said.

DeAngelis said her daughter was in the Bay Area for a friend’s 17th birthday party on Saturday.

“She went to the party and then her and Megan got in the car with those two boys,” she said.

DeAngelis said on Sunday night Rose was offered a ride home to Lathrop with her friend Megan Little Bear Wall and their two acquaintances, 19-year-old Steve MacFadden and 20-year-old Alejandro Rodriguez.

But before Rose could get home, a San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputy attempted to pull them over on Roth Road in French Camp on suspicion of DUI.

Instead of pulling over, investigators said MacFadden hit the gas.

“You know this could have totally been avoided if the driver of the vehicle made the decision to stop and not try to flee,” said Deputy Les Garcia, a spokesman for the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said MacFadden reached speeds of 100 miles per hour during the pursuit, weaving all over Roth Road where several patrol cars were not far behind.

“He was already doing 90 and the cop was right on his butt,” David Ortiz, a witness said.

Investigators said MacFadden lost control, his car rolled over several times, throwing him out of the vehicle on McKinley Avenue, which is about a mile down from Roth Road. He, along with Rodriguez and Wall, died instantly.

Rose was rushed to the hospital where she later died.

“She died in surgery all by herself with no mom or nothing by her side,” DeAngelis said.

Now, as she plans her daughter’s funeral, DeAngelis is questioning the deputies' actions during the pursuit.

“Why would they chase them in that condition and on that road, and it’s so dark out there. There’s no lights,” she said.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office said they, along with CHP, are conducting an investigation.

“She was just beautiful, you know, and she was difficult like all teenagers are difficult, but she was worth it,” DeAngelis said.

Rose’s family and friends are planning to host a vigil at the crash site Tuesday evening at 8.

San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputies have opened up a protocol investigation into the deadly crash.

A spokesman with their office told FOX40 that the investigation is being handled by their investigations unit and the CHP. They’re looking at the totality of the circumstances, the speed and determining what caused the car to rollover.