Bay Area Family Missing After Fire Destroys El Dorado County Cabin

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Three members of a Benicia family presumably went to the woods for a relaxing weekend in Greenwood.

Now, El Dorado County sheriff's deputies say they're working with the coroner to identify the remains of two bodies found in a burnt cabin thought to have been occupied by that family -- Adam Buchanan, his longtime girlfriend Molly Mc Afee and their 7-year-old son Gavin.

"It was a sunny day and then the sky started getting dark and cloudy. There was a bright orange color, said Scott Ceely of Volcanoville.

That's the sight that shocked Scott Ceely on the September 13.

With the Valley and Butte fires raging, he thought it meant a new threat for the whole area.

"Where I live there's one way in and one way out," he said. "If there's a fire...we gotta get out."

Instead of facing widespread fire danger, deputies are trying to unravel what kind of threat came to bear for the two killed in that cabin.

Local headlines scream news about the apparently fatal fire, but Ceely was the only one in the area who would talk about it on camera.

Cal Fire worked the vegetation part of the blaze, but said the fire started in the cabin - making it the Georgetown Fire Department's incident.

The chief in Georgetown wouldn't comment.

Lawyers for Buchanan, the president and chief operating officer of Benicia's Buchanan Construction Incorporated, was talking about the fire Monday.

"The fire department didn't get out to the cabin until it had been completely burnt out. There was nothing recognizable there," said attorney Stephen Gizzi.

Investigators won 't confirm what Gavin's school administrators say they were told -- that a propane tank explosion at the cabin caused the deaths.

Folks in the family's Benicia neighborhood have been questioned by deputies about Buchanan and Mc Afee's relationship.

Dean, a neighbor, described it as a roller coaster.

He also said he and his neighbors are stunned.

"I think everyone is horrified...and saddened by the possibility of real tragedy here."