Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Hit-and-Run Alert System into Law

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Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Monday that will allow law enforcement to more easily capture hit-and-run suspects.

The new Yellow Alert System will use billboards already in place for the Amber Alert System to display suspect vehicle descriptions.

It's a system that is too late for 36-year-old Jeremy Charles Harris Sr. who was killed Aug. 22, after he was stuck by a driver on Meadowview Road.

Sacramento police still have not found the person who was behind the wheel.

"A coward, and he should turn himself in and accept his responsibility," said Winston Harris, Jeremy Harris' father, who still believes his son's killer will be brought to justice. "All he (or she) did was make it worse on himself (or herself) by running, and he will be apprehended sooner or later."

Assemblyman Mike Gatto introduced Assembly Bill 8, which when it becomes law in January, will place suspected hit-and-run vehicle descriptions up on Amber Alert billboards.

"You know when you're driving to work and you see someone weaving through traffic, it's a possibility that that person is fleeing a crime scene," Gatto told FOX40.

Gatto said on the first of the year, the Yellow Alert System will be limited to hit-and-runs that result in death or serious bodily injury.
Unlike Amber Alerts, Yellow Alerts will only be placed on local billboards and not sent to smart phones.

Meanwhile Harris' family said it is frustrating to hear Gatto's legislation was vetoed by Brown last year when the governor cited fears that the emergency alert system could be overwhelmed.

Sacramento police are still urging anyone who may have seen the Toyota four-door they believe hit Harris on Meadowview Road on Aug. 22 to call them.

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