Stolen Car Involved in Major Crash at Modesto Intersection

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As a speeding stolen car twisted itself and four others into a confused mass of metal at a Modesto intersection, Michael Prunty couldn't believe his ears.

"I was just standing right here in my backyard, and there was a big ol' like bang and it sounded like a bunch of metal.  And I ran downstairs, and looked, and it was just a bunch of cars," said Prunty, who lives half a block from the crash site.

Those cars belonged to four innocent victims that Modesto police say were smashed into an alleged car thief's hopes to escape arrest.

That alleged thief?

A woman, 26-year-old Megan Riann Lively,  behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta.

"Members of the auto theft task force in the region spotted a blue Ford small sedan that they knew was a stolen vehicle. They asked for our assistance -- assistance of  marked patrol unit," said Modesto Police Lt. Brian Findlen.

The goal was to get the car stopped safely.

The wreckage shows the driver was intent on everything but.

"The officer quickly determined that that pursuit was unsafe and put innocent people at risk and decided to terminate that pursuit after only several seconds," Findlen said.

Prunty's frustrated with the driver's reckless behavior.

"I mean, that's just plain stupidity. You do that, and then put other people's lives in danger, and that's exactly what they did. There's kids, there's a bunch of people at these I just think that's stupidity."

Investigators  say the Fiesta kept speeding for a half mile without being pursued, tangling first with a VW Bug at the intersection of Tully Road and Briggsmore Avenue -- hitting it so hard the Bug's engine was thrown 30 feet.

A pregnant woman was in the driver's seat of that Bug -- a fact that gives new parent Michael Prunty the chills.

"Of course. Of course.  I don't know what I'd do if something happened to my daughter," Prunty said.

"That is very scary, and it's sad, but I'm very glad she's OK," said Prunty's wife, Ashley.

The only person not OK?

A female passenger in the suspect car who's been hospitalized with serious head injuries in a crash that police say just didn't have to happen.

The female driver has been arrested on several charges.

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Liveley, Megan Riann (Photo Courtesy: Stanislaus Sheriff's Office)

Liveley, Megan Riann (Photo Courtesy: Stanislaus Sheriff's Office)

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