Burglars Steal Irreplaceable Heirlooms from Shingle Springs Family

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When you live on 20 acres with nothing but rolling hills in the distance, you don't expect to fall victim to certain crimes, like burglary.

"You move out here so you can be on your own, you can be away from the kinds of problems that happen in big cities," said Patrick Godwin.

But when Godwin came back to his Shingle Springs home Friday afternoon, he found that in a matter of hours, someone had broken in.

"Even if they didn't know how to be burglars, maybe they do maybe they don't, but they sure knew something about jewelry," Godwin said.

They went after his wife Cathy's jewelry. Cathy rushed home to find about $30,000 worth of jewelry gone.

"It was 100 percent jewelry. So that was hard, I had just received jewelry from my mom who passed away at the end of May," Godwin said.

As the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office tries to track down the burglar, Godwin is trying to track down her family heirlooms by distributing a flier to local pawn shops.

"Whatever help I can get, I will take it. Those pieces are irreplaceable to me," said Godwin.

Now the couple will be locking their doors and adding security cameras. They realize even their rural area is not immune to crime.

The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office believes this case is linked to another burglary on Friday. In both cases, burglars left with a pillowcase filled with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.

Anyone with information is asked to call the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office.

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