Daycare Operator Arrested After Police Find Her Under the Influence

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A Placerville daycare owner was arrested Tuesday at her home business and booked for being under the influence of a controlled substance and for suspicion of child endangerment.

El Dorado County Sheriff's deputies visited Country Baby Daycare on Tuesday. They said 63-year-old Brigitte McAdams, the owner and operator, exhibited symptoms consistent with being under the influence of a central nervous stimulant, but they did not specify what substance.

They also said alcohol was found in the home that could have been accessible to children, and that McAdams told them she had 7 kids in the home when she only had 5.

"I was shocked, seriously. I was like 'Brigitte, really?' 'Cause she seems so involved," Kelie Kingsley said.

Kingsley told FOX40 McAdams watched her two sons in the daycare for six months with no problems.

"Yeah, they learned a lot like this guy right behind me Hudson, he learned quite a bit with her, really got his alphabet down and was really doing well," Kingsley said.

Other parents with kids in Country Baby Daycare told FOX40 that McAdams taught their children the alphabet in English and in German, and that they had trusted her as a caretaker for several years.

The California Department of Social Services said Country Baby Daycare had been licensed to care for up to 12 children since 1993 with no complaints.

McAdams, herself declined several requests to talk to FOX40. A man at her residence told FOX40 she has cared for several generations of kids within the same family, and was a trusted figure in the community. He mentioned that she was dealing with some family problems.

"In a sense we all have things we go through. Unfortunately, her home is a daycare so I feel if you're going to be professional you have to separate those two things and if you feel you can't separate them, maybe she shouldn't have been watching kids," Kingsley said.

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