Motorcycle Crash in La Grange Turns into Homicide Investigation

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The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Officer is investigating a homicide near La Grange, a small town in Stanislaus County.

CHP and fire were called to the scene of what was thought to be a motorcycle crash on Wednesday morning. Instead, they found a dead man along the roadway.

On Monday morning, an area near La Grange and Cooperstown Road became the focus of a homicide investigation.

“It’s just scary,” said Vanessa Durkee, a La Grange resident.

Durkee said she saw what appeared to be a man’s body and some clothing.

“I just seen like burnt clothes, and they had it taped off,” Durkee said.

“We’re not releasing any information on the cause of death at this time,” Captain Keith Rakonsza, a spokesman with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Officer said when FOX40 asked him about the condition of the victim’s body.

Investigators are looking into the case but are tight lipped on many of the details surrounding the investigation.

“The time of death is not being released at this time,” Rakonsza said.

Investigators did say that they are calling this death a homicide.

“(I have not seen anything like that) No. Not up here,” Durkee said.

But La Grange residents like Durkee are just looking for more answers about the mystery that happened in the La Grange field.

Investigators say they're working on contacting the victim's family before releasing his identity.

If you have any information about this case, please call Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636.

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