Woman Barges into MMA Champ Urijah Faber’s Home — Bee-Lines for the Bathroom

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In the MMA world, Sacramento's Urijah Faber has seven knockouts to his name.

But it's the latest one, let's call it the eighth that's involved him, that's capturing headlines all over the world.

"I opened the door, she looked at me and I'm like 'excuse me?' She didn't say a word," said mixed martial arts champion Urijah Faber, as he described what happened after someone was banging at his door while he was visiting with two friends.

Faber took to his Snapchat and Instagram accounts early Sunday morning, posting a disturbing video after a woman he didn't know took herself down for the count following the most bizarre of encounters at his home.

"She's obviously drunk, and I'm trying to have a conversation with her. And she walks ... she's walking fast and somehow makes a bee-line. I'm like, 'excuse me,' and she somehow knows where the bathroom is, goes into the bathroom, and she locks me out," he said.

More accustomed to handling a challenge to his personal space in the ring, 36-year-old Faber was a little unsure of his moves -- finally picking up the phone to call Sacramento police.

"They're like, 'yeah... you called the right place.'"

And when officers picked the bathroom lock and the door finally opened, they discovered the WEC champ's latest opponent hadn't just taken off her gloves, but her pants too.

"Then it was just foul. She had lost all bodily function, had her pants down to her knees and was laying in a pool of vomit. It was just...it was all bad," he said.

With plans to fly out of town for a charity event just a few hours after this home Hazmat situation of sorts, the leader of Team Alpha Male had to morph into Mr. Clean.

"My house is tainted," Faber said, re-living the clean-up.

"I did it myself, it was one in the morning."

And coming straight to his gym after landing back in Sacramento on Monday, it still all seemed surreal.

"I haven't even been back to my house yet, I hope I did a good job cleaning up."

Faber opted not to press charges, since he never felt threatened by the woman, just perplexed.

Firefighters took her to a local hospital where she was treated and released.

Faber says he would like to know who his strange visitor was, just so he could find out where she thought she was really going early Sunday morning.

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