Drunk Driver Sentenced to 14 Years After Killing 3 in Wrong-Way Crash

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The man convicted of killing three people while driving drunk on I-80 in January will spend 14 years in state prison.

On January 10, 2015, 24 year old Aaron Caudillo killed 19-year-old Matthew Azar, 18-year-old Kendra Langham, and 18-year-old Mathew Beardwitt, after crashing his car into Azar’s car.

In his remorseful and tearful testimony, he apologized to the families of the victims and his own family.

“I want to express the mind-numbing sorrow and regret for the wrong I committed on the 10th of January this year,” Caudillo said.

Caudillo said he had a bright future, and a privileged upbringing, all of which he threw away because of the “catastrophic mistake” he made

“Though I think about it every hour of every day, I still cannot imagine the impact on your lives – the impact in which I am prepared to take full responsibility,” Caudillo said.

In the end, Judge Michael Bowman said that Caudillo’s actions had irreversible consequences.

After being warned by his friends not to drive, Caudillo chose to drive while drinking a bottle of rum. He ended up driving the wrong way on I80, with no light on, at 85 miles per hour. As a result, he crashed into Matthew Azar’s car – killing all on board.

Caudillo’s blood alcohol level was recorded at 0.14, two hours after the crash.

The judge ended up following the Probation report’s recommendation of the highest sentence – 14 years.

“It’s not about forgiveness,” Matthew Azar’s mother, Kelly Marciniak, said. “It’s about paying for the consequences of your actions. I hope this brings awareness in our community that this just is not acceptable. He could have taken one more Uber ride and it would have saved all of us from this tragedy.”

The judge said Caudillo’s speech was one of the most remorseful ones he had heard in his entire career, saying he will do everything he can to better his life. Caudillo will be 38 years old when he is released from State Prison.

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