Local Musician’s Family Fleeing Hurricane Patricia

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You don't have to be in Mexico during Hurricane Patricia to feel trapped.

Local musician Dinorah Klingler was safe in her Sacramento home Friday night, but said a piece of her heart was stuck in the storm.

"My niece wanted to stay last night in the boat to sleep there. What made her change her mind is, she saw everybody else leaving in their boats," Klingler said.

Klinger's niece's boat was last docked in Southwestern Mexico where the hurricane was late Friday.

"My niece made a backpack for her son with everything in it. Water, money cell phone, everything. Just in case they got separated for whatever reason," Klingler said.

She said her 5-year-old nephew Julian was strong and experienced at sea, but she feared he was not prepared to outrun 165 mile per hour winds with her family. Her three older nephews and nieces waited a while to flee, and eventually left town in three separate directions.

"It must be horrific for a child to see, to hear, you know. To see how people are so desperate and so scared," Klingler said.

Late Friday, Klinger lost touch with her family members in Mexico.

"I'm not communicating with the kids anymore. So it's gonna be a long night," Klingler said.

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