Clinton Campaign to Run Ads During GOP Debate

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MANCHESTER, New Hampshire —

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will air four new TV ads in Iowa and New Hampshire during Wednesday night’s Republican debate, according to a Clinton aide.

The similar ads focus on four women – Sara, Alexis, Cheryl and Mindy — and use their stories to make the case for equal pay, higher wages and affordable college.

“On average, women need to work an extra two hours each day to earn the same paycheck as their male co-workers,” Clinton says in one of the ads. “Join the fight for equal pay, join the fight for Sara and women everywhere.”

The ads are simple, similar to each other and rely on a single shot of the women doing their jobs.

Clinton does not appear in the ads, but does provide the soft-spoken voice over.

“It took Alexis four years to earn her college degree, but it will take her 25 years to pay off her student loans,” Clinton says. “Join the fight to make college affordable. Join the fight for Alexis.”

The ads will be the Clinton campaign’s way for rebutting the Republican debate on CNBC, two hours of television that is sure to focus, in some part, on Clinton.

Clinton will spend Wednesday here in New Hampshire, where she will headline the iconic “Politics and Eggs” speaker series and also the Carroll County Democratic Committee’s Annual Grover Cleveland Dinner.

Wednesday’s contest will be the third Republican debate. Clinton has said that she doesn’t usually watch the debates in real time, but consumes them via video clips and news stories afterward.

Her campaign aides will surely watch the debate, however, offering real-time commentary and critiques on Twitter and other outlets from the campaign’s Brooklyn headquarters.