Sister of 13-Year-Old Shooting Victim Speaks Out

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There are tears of sorrow, because family says 13-year-old Alize Valadez will never be the same again.

She remains at UC Davis Medical Center on life support after she was shot in the head Saturday night while simply laying on the living room couch watching movies at the home she shares with her 65-year-old grandmother.

"They knew she was laying on the couch. The bullet holes were exactly where she was laying," her older sister, Desirae Valadez, said before breaking into tears.

But on Tuesday, there was a break in the case after West Sacramento police detectives arrested 39-year-old Sonny Martinez of Stockton for attempted murder.

"We just want to thank the community for praying for our sister. Everyone out there, we want to thank for whoever gave the cops the leads to arresting this monster," her sister said.

Investigators believe Martinez fired several gunshots into Valadez's house, including the bullet that pierced Alize in the head.

"You know, I just want to let you know, if you're listening, you ruined my 13-year-old sister's life. They said she will never be the same again. She will never be the same again," Desiree said.

Despite the arrest, it still doesn't answer the family's question of "why?"

Why shoot a 13-year-old girl? Could she, or her grandmother, somehow be a target?

"If anybody has any information, like a motive or why they would do this to her, please come forward," she said.

Martinez was booked into Yolo County Jail on charges of attempted murder, shooting into a house, battery with serious injury, along with a gang enhancement.

"We don't know who this is. We don't know anything. Why would he target them ... they live in this house," her sister said.