‘Am I Next KJ’ Group at City Council Meeting

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The minimum wage fight - not the only intense issue brought up at Sacramento city hall Tuesday tonight - the alleged sexual misconduct of councilman and Mayor Kevin Johnson was a topic too.

Members of the newly formed Sacramento Collective for Women's Rights came to press the council to sign a pledge against sexual harassment.

The group debuted last week on Twitter with the hashtag 'Am I Next KJ?,' and though leaders say the mayor's escaped arrest by intimidating victims they also say their mission extends beyond him.

"This is not about one person. This is about city council and city government and how it's going to function ... whether or not women can be free of sexual harassment in the workplace and whether or not when there are charges brought the city council takes that seriously," said Michelle Pariset with the Collective.

To be clear, the mayor has been accused of molesting several children and touching a city staffer inappropriately but he has never been charged with anything.

The oldest claim against him was recently revived by Deadspin when it released a 1996 video of his then 16-year-old accuser talking to police.

So far Councilman Jay Schenirer and Councilman Steve Hansen have signed the Collective's pledge against sexual harassment.

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