4 Stabbed on UC Merced Campus, Suspect Killed

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Four people were stabbed Wednesday morning on the UC Merced campus, school officials said.

The suspect was shot and killed by campus police. The campus will remain on lockdown through Thursday. The stabbings happened just before 8 a.m., according to school officials.

Earlier in the day, five people were reported to have been stabbed. The university has since corrected the number to four.

Two victims were flown to the hospital, but all were said to be conscious. The other two were treated on campus. None of the victims' injuries are believed to be life threatening.

The victims were said to be two students, one staff member and one contractor.

“Events like this happen elsewhere, but not at UC Merced, which may be still small in student body but large in its sense of community — yet, it has happened,” Chancellor Dorothy Leland said in a press conference Wednesday afternoon. “As shocking and troubling as today’s act of violence is, I am thankful the incident was quickly brought under control by campus police under the leadership of Assistant Police Chief Chou Her and that the injuries to the victims do not appear to be life-threatening.”

Students Shocked by Campus Violence

UC Merced students and staff stood together Wednesday, staying close to the locked down campus. All of them with worried looks as they scroll through their phones for any information on who stabbed at least four people.

“It’s disturbing that this happened, and it was a real shocker for us,” said Sharol Gonzalez, a senior at the college.

Now they want to know why.

“I was feeling shocked 'cause nothing like this ever happened to me, like personally, and I didn’t think it would happen here. I thought it was like a safe school,” said freshman Jesus Lomeli.

A witness FOX40 spoke with off-camera said he made eye contact with the suspect, who the Merced County sheriff confirmed was a registered student.

Witnesses claimed the attacker was holding a combat knife.

Many students tried to hel the victims, one man even made a tourniquet from the shirt he wore.

“Pretty surprised because we never thought it would happen like out here,” freshman Braylon Henry said.

The witness said the suspect was angry and didn’t say a word.

He felt that the suspect was on a mission to kill someone and anyone in his path.

UC Merced students will hold a candlelight vigil at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Lake Yosemite for the victims and witnesses.


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