Hillary Clinton Attends Fundraiser in Sacramento

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A luxurious Arden neighborhood is flooded with cars, crowds and security for an afternoon fundraiser with Hillary Clinton.

"I'm not a politician, I'm not involved in politics, I'm just your basic, average citizen who is interested in the process," said fundraiser attendee Carol Havens.

About 150 supporters filed into the Tsakopoulos family home, thrilled to see the presidential hopeful in Sacramento.

Assemblyman Jim Cooper co-hosted the luncheon.

"The energy right now is electric. People are excited to be here.  I think it's gonna be a really good get-together, small and intimate," Cooper said.

At $2,700 a person, the small, intimate event raised more than $400,000 for the Democratic frontrunner.

Sacramento mayoral candidate Darrell Steinberg came to show his support.

"I think she's a clear choice!" Steinberg said.

When asked what he would say to Clinton if given the chance, he said, "I'd thank her for bringing up the interest of mental illness and mental health on the campaign trail."

Steinberg was not the only one hoping to speak with the candidate.

"I'd say keep it going, and good luck!" said neighbor Bob Deccio.

Deccio and a few others waited outside the event, hoping to catch a glimpse of Hillary.

The Clintons have held fundraisers here before.

"Well it's kind of a deja vu situation.  I think when Bill Clinton came, he was president then," Deccico said.

Deccico says he spoke to Bill Clinton back in the '90s.

This time there was no time for chatting. Hillary entered and exited through a private gate, waving and smiling through the window of her SUV on the way out.​

During her whirlwind trip to California, Clinton also made fundraising stops in the Silicon Valley, Napa Valley and Los Angeles.