Hometown Hero Spencer Stone Reacts to Suspect Arrest, International Fame

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As the man who stabbed him four times sits in a jail cell, Sacramento's hometown hero Spencer Stone finally broke his silence and spoke to FOX40 about the stabbing incident, the foiled terrorist plot on a Paris bound train and his newfound stardom amid recovery from his injuries.

"I can't thank Sacramento Police enough for the work that they did," Stone began.

From the top of the world, to a bed in a hospital room, it's hard to imagine the roller coaster ride that's been Spencer Stone's life these past few months.

"Yeah I didn't think I was going to make it. A lot of other people didn't really think I was going to make it. But we're thankful to UC Davis. Everyone involved, they helped me save my life, and they did a great job," said Stone.

Four stab wounds, including one to the heart, and a collapsed lung weren't enough to overcome Airman Stone.

But it took a lot out of him -- strength he's just now starting to get back.

"I'm a pretty active guy, I can't wait to get back in the gym, start doing jiu jitsu again, hanging out with friends kind of being a normal person," Stone said. "I've been almost bunkered away in my house for a while so it's nice when I get an opportunity to get out, it's really nice and refreshing."

With all the fanfare that comes with being Sacramento's own hometown hero, we wondered if Stone ever wakes up and thinks, is this real?

"Every day, every day. No it doesn't seem real at all. Seems like I'm living a dream. I got to save some people and I'm still alive," he said.

And save people, he certainly did. Stone says the reality didn't set in until a man in France approached him to thank him for his heroics.

"I don't think you really understand what you guys prevented. You pretty much prevented our version of 9/11. I think that was really the biggest thing that stuck with me," Stone said.

And after stopping a terrorist and surviving a brutal knife attack in midtown, this is how Stone describes himself and fellow hometown heroes Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler.

"We're super basic, everyone's really interested in us but we're just three normal guys who did something pretty crazy," Stone said.

So along with brave and strong, you can add humble to his resume.

Stone had no comment for James Tran, the man arrested for his stabbing. Tran declined an interview from inside the Sacramento County Jail.