Bear Creek Football Players Upset After Senior Night Game is Cancelled

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The last game of the season for two Stockton high school football teams has been cancelled, after students from one school vandalized the other.

Now players on both Bear Creek and McNair are disappointed they didn't get a chance to play Friday night.

"We're all very heart broken and it just sucks," said Adam Feingold, junior quarterback on Bear Creek's team.

Bear Creek's senior quarterback Brandon McCants said playing Friday night was his last chance at high school ball.

"Very last game senior night, waited for it, everybody excited for it. And it just didn't happen our way you know? Senior night, I wanted to walk, I want that feeling. I've never been a senior, you're only going to be a senior one time, and this was the last time you could actually do something as a football team, and I didn't get that," McCants said.

It's an opportunity taken by Bear Creek students McCants said were not even on the team.

"This is our school doing this, and our team has to pay for it," McCants told FOX40.

Stockton police are investigating multiple acts of vandalism at nearby rival McNair High School, already arresting four Bear Creek students they believe are responsible for costing the school district big.

"During the officers' investigation they estimated the damages to be at least 10 thousand dollars," said Officer Joe Silva with the Stockton Police Department.

While the JV game between both schools was cancelled originally, the varsity game was going to be played according to school officials.

If that had happened students from both schools would have been banned from the game, with only parents of players allowed inside the stadium. But that game didn't happen.

"When we got here our coach pulled us to the field and said that we can't play," Finewood told FOX40.

Bear Creek's principal, William Atterberry, told FOX40 not enough players from his school's team showed up to the game Friday night as many parents withheld them out of safety concerns. Atterberry said the rivalry started about three years ago, with McNair students scattering balloons with their school's colors around Bear Creek's campus.

But over the past few years the spirited competition turn malicious, according to Atterberry, and last year, students from both schools rushed the field at the end of the game.

"No one wants to see their child upset," said Eric McCants, Brandon's father, who agrees the school did the right thing canceling the game. "There's a right and wrong way to put out aggression, and I believe controlled aggression is the best key."

"I would have just liked to see it go a different route," Brandon McCants told FOX40.

This was the final game of the season. Bear Creek will finish with a record of 2-8 while McNair finishes with a record of 8-2.