Fast Food Workers Protest in Sacramento

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Minimum wage demonstrations in Sacramento were coordinated Tuesday with similar demonstrations around the country.

Demonstrators marched, picketed, and chanted outside an Elk Grove McDonald's during their breakfast hours, and in front of Sacramento City Hall at noon.

"This is one of 270 actions around the country; 270 cities today. And this is really making a statement," said Steve Smith of the California Labor Federation.

But Sacramento is different from all those cities.

In a contentious vote two weeks ago today, the City of Sacramento moved to increase minimum wage to 12.50 over the next 5 years.

"I don't understand why we didn't work as a region. And furthermore I don't understand why we didn't just let the State take this on," said Mayor Pro Tem, and mayoral candidate Angelique Ashby during the discussion of that law on October 27.

Demonstrators say the move didn't go far enough and vowed they'll continue to fight for $15 dollars an hour.

"Eventually that's what we're going to get. Despite the battle we just had," Smith said.

But if these protesters are making noise in front of a City Hall that has had it with the minimum wage debate, it's likely because they have another purpose here.

The move is on to unionize fast food and other low-wage workers. And demonstrations like this have become a forum for organizers to connect with potential new members.

"Unionizing is up to workers . If workers want the protection of a union, and many of them here in Sacramento and around the County say they do, then they should have that opportunity," Smith said.