Mom Describes Chaos of Stockton Chuck E. Cheese’s Shooting

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The Stockton Police Department continued to investigate a shooting near a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant off Pacific Avenue in Stockton. It happened around 7 p.m. on Monday.

The smiling mouse is a familiar face. Chuck E. Cheese’s is a restaurant chain that promises family, friendly fun. But on Monday, a celebration turned into a nightmare for a Stockton family.

"I hear, like, two 'bang bang' and I’m like… what happened? What’s going on?” Melissa, a witness told FOX40.

The woman asked us not to show her face and said in the middle of her daughter Adrianna’s 7th birthday party gunshots rang out.

“When I first heard the two shots, I thought maybe it sounded like it could have been inside,” she said.

Investigators said shots were fired outside the restaurant. Bullets hit the windows and shattered glass. Inside, families panicked. Melissa and her family ran to the back. Other parents frantically tried to find their kids.

“And everyone started running and trying to find their kids and ducking,” she said.

For young Adrianna, a night of playing games, eating pizza and opening presents ended in disappointment.

“We finally left and the kids were all upset. My daughter was saying she was sad because her birthday was ruined,” Melissa said.

Carlyn, 7, was with Adrianna at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Both girls are struggling to understand the violence.

"The girls were talking about the bullets and the mamas not being able to find their babies. So my daughter was really worried about the mamas not having their babies,” Corie Grant, Carlyn’s mother explained to FOX40 on Tuesday.

As for Melissa, she’s still a little scared. But she’s glad that she, her daughter and the baby that’s on the way are safe.

"Obviously I’m pregnant but I was trying to stay calm as I could you know so I didn’t make myself get sick,” she said.

No one was shot but one woman, who was driving down Pacific Avenue with her 14-year-old son at the time, was injured by shattered glass when a bullet pierced her car window, according to police.

Investigators add they’re working on a motive and suspects. They’re asking any witnesses to step up and call Crime Stoppers at (209)946-0600.