Sideshow Troubles in One Antelope Neighborhood

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It's the sliding, spinning, smoking stuff of sideshow legend, but for folks who live and work near the Antelope intersection of Scotland Drive and Caber Way, what's happening there is just one thing -- frightening.

"Stop! Stop! You're gonna kill somebody ... or yourself," said Lori Upton.

For six of the 16 years she's lived at that corner, she says street jockeys have been tearing up the road and terrorizing the neighborhood.

Upton's 10 surveillance cameras have caught countless images of cars speeding out of and in to dangerous do-nut and drifting sessions.

One car seen on film could have easily slid out of control a little earlier and hit the two teens walking nearby.

Her still camera captured what happened last year when someone's sideshow shenanigans skidded right into her yard.

"The hydrant was taken out and it went off for a very long time before the county could figure out how to turn it off.  So, it destroyed the yard," she said.

And to make sure the drivers behind the road antics don't go off-roading into her house she built a brick wall.

"$10,000 for just one side to keep my family safe," she said.

Monday afternoon Upton's cameras recorded a small blue car playing around in the street.

Just four hours later, a car matching its description took out the hydrant in front of nearby 1st American Self-Storage -- sending a geyser into the air and flooding part of the facility.

The same thing happened back in April.

With a business that's been hit 10 times in four years, they've seen it all.

"We put up a new fence, the first day it was hit. Two weeks later it got hit again," said Dan Luthey from 1st American Self Storage.

"All three of the fire hydrants on this block have been hit within the last year.  An electric pole was knocked down just up the street," Luthey said.

Upton was able to get a speed bump put in by her house six months ago, but she and Luthey want more controls through Scotland Drive's corners.

They say the need is written in rubber all over this quarter-mile stretch.

Dan Regan with Sacramento County's Department of Transportation couldn't speak on camera Tuesday, but told FOX40 by phone that since the street becomes less residential, more speed bumps might not be the appropriate application there.

According to Regan, the county's traffic management team has been studying the area but he couldn't share any findings at this time.

Upton and Luthey say when is enough evidence enough to turn study into action.

"I worry for my children.  I don't let them out in the front yard anymore," said Upton.

The California Highway Patrol is still looking for the blue car that lost a tire and part of its brake system when it hit the hydrant Monday.

If know anything about that car, the CHP wants to hear from you.