Retired Marine’s Dress Blues Stolen Day Before Veteran’s Day

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Retired Marine Master Sgt. Eugene Holiday has lost many precious things throughout his 21-year military career.

During his 11 tours in Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq, he lost fellow Marines in combat and to suicide, and he nearly lost his own life.

"Today, I'm hurt. I'm saddened. The only thing that I really, really care about, is gone," Holiday, 40, told FOX40.

Tuesday morning, Holiday says someone broke into his Hummer parked outside his Stockton home. His usually tidy SUV was ransacked.

His Marine dress blues and 15 of his medals - all gone.

"On the Marine Corps birthday, 240th birthday, you stole a marine's uniform," he said.

For the Marine, who's served in the Corps since he was 18, the theft was like a punch in the gut.

"Every time my country called me, I took off. I went. Didn't matter family, whatever. I left. And I did my duty," Holiday said. "And the only thing I had to show for it was my medals and my uniform. and someone took that from me."

So on this Veteran's Day, instead of honoring his fellow men and women in uniform, Holiday was busy trying to track down his belongings.

He wasn't able to participate in the parade in Sacramento, and he won't be able to go to his Marine Ball this weekend.

"It's tough. Especially on a day like today, you try to reflect on what it means to be a veteran," he said.

Holiday says if the person who stole his belongings needs money, all he or she had to do was leave a note on his SUV, or knock on his front door.

"If you need money, why did you need the money? I need money cause I need food. Let's go buy you some food. I need the money because I need to go pay a bill. O.K., lets go pay your bill. I'd do anything to help anybody," Holiday said.

The last time he wore his beloved dress blues, was Monday - just 12 hours before they were stolen from him.

For now, Holiday, who recently retired and moved to Stockton, isn't left with much
but he hopes that the thief has a change of heart.

"I want that person to know that I have to forgive them. But I'm very angry. I hope they have a heart to give me my stuff back," Holiday added.

Holiday says he will pay $1,000 cash - no questions asked - for his dress blues uniform and all his medals. He says you can reach him directly by calling (770) 576-5304.