Sacramento Vets Parade Reminder Of Unmet Needs

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The Capitol City hosted one of the many Veterans Day parades in the region Wednesday, but in addition to honoring area vets for their service, it was also a reminder of the effects war has had on combat vets.

Richard Floyd brought his two kids to the parade.

"I just want them to know that we sacrificed for the people, to protect the people and we are people who still need help as well. There are veterans who are not getting the services that they need and there's also a lot of veterans who have issues," Floyd said. "I know many of them personally who are having a tough time with things."

Vietnam veteran Renee Maldanado has spent decades trying to get treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the ailments that come with it. He watched the parade in Army fatigues, even though he left the army 48 years ago.

He said he's frustrated with not getting the care he thinks he deserves, but he says he's not bitter.

"As an American citizen, I had to do that (serve). I got to serve my country and I'm glad I did," he told FOX40.