Mother, Son Dead in Rural Placerville Shooting

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Stopping by his parents’ house to help out with chores turned tragic for one man in and his elderly mother El Dorado County.

Sheriff’s deputies say it appears they were killed Wednesday by a loved one several miles outside of Placerville, along Rocky Ridge Road.

A woman came to 5400 Rocky Ridge check on her husband around 5:15 p.m. Wednesday after he was late returning home.

She found the door unlocked and a gun pointed at her as she pushed the door open.

“Her brother-in-law was standing there with a gun,” said Lt. Tom Murdoch with the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department.

That man lived at the home with his mother.

“There was a bit of a scuffle just inside of the door, but she was able to get to her phone and call 911.”

According to Murdoch, the elderly woman who lived on the property was was found dead along with the son who came to visit.

There had been an ongoing dispute within the family over an inheritance.

“From what I understand there has been a dispute over the lady’s will regarding the house and the property,” said Murdoch, but he did not know how long the family tension had been brewing.

Deputies detained 49-year-old Milo Wallace in connection with the killings.

They planned to search the home throughout the night, but first they had to wait for a warrant to re-enter it.

Investigators say they have responded to that home on Rock Ridge before, but they could not confirm any details of those incidents Wednesday night.